Galactic Avenger is a high intensity, reflex driven space shooter. Enter an epic battle for the survival of the human race against an advanced alien specie known as the Ocula. Gear up with 39 possible upgrades for your guns, missiles, shields, boosters, warp power and so much more. Galactic Avenger is bringing back space shooters in what could be the most intense SHMUP to date. This title is one for the true hard core fans of the genre and promises to deliver a challenging experience you will not soon forget. This game is still in development but features six bosses, more than a dozen enemies, and many different environments with their own unique hazards. Brace yourself for the battle of a lifetime... there are very few, if any, who have the skills it takes to Avenge the Galaxy. ...Galactic Avenger, we need your help!


Galactic Avenger is currently in development.
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Galactic Avenger